Mike Dyck

Mike is really smart. He knows way more than he ever lets on about pretty much everything. Mike started working on computers with a IBM mainframe (System 3/Model 15) for First National Bank of Colorado in Westminster, Colorado. He worked for various companies through the years, eventually ending with 21 years at Intel Corporation. In his time at Intel he worked in various capacities in the IT team, including Systems Programmer, Business Operations Manager, and Program/Project Manager. Mike is a retired Project Management Professional (PMP). He has been recognized for his customer service abilities. He loves computers, and more importantly loves helping people understand and manage their computers.

Landon Dyck

Landon is another cool cat at Keen Logic Consulting. He likes to do cool things. He is an excellent programmer, with special expertise in the Go language. He also specializes in servers and networks, and dabbles in security. He is mainly responsible for knowing and implementing HIPAA standards. He thinks computers are so cool.

Jason Dyck

Jason is a programmer. He will insist that he is a mediocre programmer, but he is lying. So humble.

Brandon Dyck

Brandon is our resident hipster. Brandon enjoys learning Haskell and working with Plan9, the best operating system ever written (nobody at Keen Logic disputes this fact, because why make him feel bad?). Brandon specializes in programming and databases.