"I have been a client of Keen Logic Consulting for 6 years now. Not only have they provided excellent solutions for my business needs, they have been unfailingly committed to the success of my business and the safety of our data. Keen Logic's service is ultimately responsive, on target, and delivered with honesty and kindness. I am so grateful to be their client and I only wish that I had known them for my entire career of 27 years and counting!"

This is an unpaid and proudly offered endorsement and recommendation to anyone needing technical computer assistance. As many of you know me, I have been in private practice for almost 25 years. About 5 years ago, I took the step into the "future" and purchased a server and computer stations to bring my office into the modern age of computer technology. This has been nothing short of a nightmare and disaster, followed by additional technical disasters. I found that the initial tech support team messed up my system so badly that subsequent technicians spent hours only to "dig the hole deeper" and soon the entire system was plagued with daily warnings, errors, and a laundry list of other notices that basically confirmed what I already knew, my computer system was in serious trouble. I was introduced to Mike through another D.C. friend of mine who had only great things to offer, and out of desperation, I arranged for my initial consultation meeting. The long and short is that my system needed to be almost totally reconfigured, but Mike was up for the task, always cheerful and informative and soon the system started working better and better, and within a few sessions for the first time EVER, my entire network is co-ordinated and working smoothly without constant errors, all the programs interact with each other smoothly, and I can finally sit back and enjoy the technology, rather than dread going to work and wrestling with my computer system every day.

This endorsement is difficult to summarize in a short letter. Mike has helped so much that I am still absorbing what it is finally like to have a working system. I wish I had known him years ago, I wish he was the one who initially installed the system. If you have any computer technology issues, call Mike, he is first, very honest and fair. The consultation will give you an excellent idea if he feels the job is within his knowledge scope and other valuable recommendations. If you agree to have him help you, it is a decision you will not regret. He is a local Sacramento business, he has almost two decades of experience with Intel IT, in addition to decades of other IT experience. He simply is the most knowledgeable man I have ever met when it comes to how computers work and how to maximize the interaction of various programs so that you have a smooth and reliable system. His pricing is very fair, he is on track with deadlines, available almost 24/7 to meet urgent needs, and once you have established a business relationship with him, he will amaze you as much as he has amazed me. This is the first endorsement I have offered to any business, ever, and I asked him to allow me to write this because I was so pleased with the results I have experienced I wanted to share my story with others who have similar needs. You may call me personally if you would like to discuss Mike further, and I am more than willing to candidly share with you my incredibly positive experience.

My name is Stacey Peters-Nelson and I am pleased to write this letter of reference regarding Keen Logic Consulting, LLC and owner Michael Dyck.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Michael on the updating, implementing and general "overhaul" of our computer systems. In addition to our systems being fairly complex there were state and federal regulations governing dental offices that needed to be met. Keen Logic Consulting, LLC understood our needs and tackled the job with competence, enthusiasm and professionalism.

I found the owner, Michael Dyck, to be an excellent communicator, extremely bright and passionate about his job. His work ethic, knowledge of the field and commitment to producing quality work were undeniable. Our project was completed on time and within our target budget.

It was truly a pleasure working with Michael and I would recommend Keen Logic Consulting, LLC without hesitation.

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