Who We Are

Keen Logic Consulting started as a favor. While Mike Dyck was working at Intel as a systems programmer, he started taking care of the computers and network at a nearby chiropractic office. After several years, the staff at the office mentioned that if he were to offer his services to other chiropractors they would be happy to refer many doctors to him. In 2013, Mike finally got tired of his job of 27 years and "retired" and began focusing solely on helping the businesses around him focus on their work.

Our Mission

We believe that each person has a calling that they are meant to do. Our mission is to empower you to do what you are meant to do by removing IT concerns from your plate.

Our vision is to be the go-to solution provider for IT needs because of our care and dedication to our customers.

What We Do

Keen Logic Consulting does things. It does lots of things, and rest asssured they are extremely important. We actually specialize in doing lots of extremely cool and important things. Also helpful. So call us to discuss what cool and helpful things we can do for you and your extremely important business.

In all seriousness, Keen Logic Consulting is a technology consulting company. We specialize in making technology work for small and medium businesses, helping businesses better utilize technology, and in not taking things too seriously. We pride ourselves in being able to help people with their technology without making them feel stupid. That means never being demeaning or condescending, always explaining things in a way that they understand, and treating non-technical people with the dignity and respect they deserve. We use our extensive experience in technology and customer service to provide you with the experience you would expect from an in-house IT team dedicated to helping you. We are like your best friends that are also wizards with your technology. Don't believe me? Call us and find out for yourself.