Need to upgrade or install a server? We find the solution to best fit your needs, whether it is a server from HP or Lenovo, or a custom built solution, while still fitting your budget.


Finding the perfect computer can be such a chore. Who ever nows how many giga-this and mega-that you need, and nobody ever seems to be able to explain it. In fact, when you go to some stores, it seems like they intentionally switch the ram and the bus every sentence so that you can't keep track! We believe that clarity and simplicity makes your life easier, so we will alwaysbe very simple and concise when we help you choose a new computer.


Computers not talking to each other? Internet slow? Could be your network is the problem. We cut through all the "latency" and "bandwidth" to find your problem and fix it. It's as simple as that. What? You WANT to know the details? We'll explain it to you, in a way that makes sense.


Without software, your computer is just a pretty paperweight. And it's only pretty if you're lucky! But knowing what software you need (or even knowing that software is a solution to your problem) can be daunting or even impossible sometimes. We can help you select the right software to solve your problems.


We have some very useful services we perform for our clients.

IT Planning and Consulting

From analysis to planning and implementation, we have experience in all aspects of the IT lifecycle. Do you need to add new computers or transition to VoIP and don't know how? Do you have slow networks? We can help you to understand exactly what you have, what you need and how it will help you, and then we can help you plan for updates and changes as you need them. We can assist you as we did Dr. Hugh Lubkin to bring your computers into harmony and maximize your efficiency.

Network and Systems Design

Lots of people claim that they can build you a network or computer and then do a lousy job. We help you establish requirements for your computers and your network and then adhere strictly to those requirements to make sure that your systems help your business rather than hinder it. There's no worse feeling than updating computer systems and then not seeing the benefit you are expecting.


Today's world is digital, driven by data. Losing any piece of your precious information could be catastrophic for your business and be devastating to your finances or your reputation. We can help you protect your business from accidental or malicious data loss by setting up onsite and cloud backups and keeping your information secure and available any time you need it.

Remote Support and Systems Monitoring

Governed apparently by magic, computers break spontaneously without apparent reason sometimes. Getting it working again can be a full-time job, which keeps you away from helping the people you should be worried about, your clients. Big companies can afford an IT team dedicated to fixing and maintaining the strange voodoo that is your computer. We are in business to bring the quality of the enterprise IT team to the small and medium business world. Let us take care of it, and we'll make IT work for you.

HIPAA Security

HIPAA is the nightmare of every healthcare company. Combine HIPAA and computer security and you have a recipe for a constant migraine. We can help you understand what the HIPAA security rule means to you and assist you in staying compliant with its regulations.


Everyone is doing the cloud thing these days. It seems like every company is moving to the cloud and they are pouring down confusing buzzwords. The pressure is on, but you can't figure it out. What is the cloud? Should I use it? Is it safe? Let us help you figure out how to transition to the cloud, or if you even should. (*gasp* the cloud isn't for everyone?)