Keen Logic Consulting

You have work to do, let us make IT work for you!

Handsome Consultant Mike


We leverage our decades of experience in the industry to help you understand and plan for IT changes. Let us help you clean up, tune up, or change up your IT systems to make your IT work for you — not the other way around!

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A fancy computer processor


A slow computer will slow you down, and you have things to do! Let us find the hardware to fit your needs. From lightweight laptops to engineering workstations to servers, we can find or build exactly what you need. Let us do the leg work while you enjoy the results.

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Very confidential imformation


HIPAA adds yet another layer to the complexity of computers and networks in healthcare. Don't get caught unaware, let us help you ensure your compliance so you can focus more energy on doing what you do best.

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A high-tech cloud


Everyone's doing the cloud thing. Are you? Should you? Just like real clouds, most people's understanding of "The Cloud" is nebulous and vague. Let us help you understand the cloud and how it can fit into your business model.

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Dr. Jeri Anderson, DC, CSCS, CCST, CCSP

"Keen Logic's service is ultimately responsive, on target, and delivered with honesty and kindness."

Dr. Hugh Lubkin, DC, QME, DAAPM

"My entire network is co-ordinated and working smoothly without constant errors, all the programs interact with each other smoothly, and I can finally sit back and enjoy the technology, rather than dread going to work and wrestling with my computer system every day."

Dr. Stacey Peters-Nelson, DDS

"I would recommend Keen Logic Consulting, LLC without hesitation."